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TheBackGalley was started in 2016 as a small travel blog with hopes to provide hints, tips, and advice on travelling, all from people within the industry themselves.



In 2018, we noticed that travellers who booked their holidays themselves (without a Travel Agent or Tour Operator) had nobody to turn to for support and advice if things went wrong. With multiple airlines collapsing, independent travellers were left stranded all over the World with absolutely nobody to consult for help and guidance. With our industry experience and knowledge, we knew we had to step in and do something!


We became TBG Travel and created a Guru Service that would act as an advisory line for customers booking holidays themselves instead of with Travel Agents and Tour Operators.
Here is what we did and still do...

·       We reviewed Customer’s bookings, ensuring that they had the right protection and they had booked everything they wanted for their holiday, whilst also getting what they NEEDED.
·       We provided a detailed guide for their destination that included their itinerary, relevant advice, useful tips and more!
·       We would act on their behalf if they encountered any service issues with airlines, hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.
·       We assisted them as necessary when they were home, until they no longer needed us.


We stepped into the limelight in September 2018, when Primera Air & Thomas Cook Airline collapsed. In just one week, we saw over 400 stranded customers seek our guidance on returning home. We worked non-stop to get the answers and solutions that they needed, to get them back home. The positive feedback we received and the realisation at how necessary our service was, became so evident that even Forbes noticed! So, after seeing how much we can help, we have now decided to offer this service in the form of a membership from here on. Hoorah!